Take a picture

Capture the moment from your vacation, holiday and celebrations or choose a photo from your photo gallery.


Add a message and a postal address

Add a message, sign your postcard with your finger and add one, two, three or more recipients.


We print and send your cards for you

We print your cards on high quality hard paper. Considering your message confidentiality and your private data, we shall send the postcard enveloped.

Reasons to use Felicitaro

From vacation


Finally, you’re enjoying your holiday! No doubt that your phone is everywhere with you. Why not sharing the most beautiful landscapes and the moments you treasure with your parents back home or with your friends? Or how about giving life to your mobile pictures and have the most beautiful ones turned into a perfect surprise that will wait for your partner in the mailbox, upon arrival back at home: real postcards, with that sunset moment, when she looked marvelous, when he was so attractive… Show your beloved ones that you treasure every moment spent together.



Birthdays should never be the same. And your friends’ birthdays should not be an exhausting “perfect-gift” hunt… Be original and thoughtful, while spending the least time possible and lowest budget on the most personal gift: a real postcard, that the mailman will deliver right at the door or in the mailbox of the person you wish to send your “happy birthday” thought. Show your dear ones that you did not forget their birthdays and that you even remembered it some days in advance…

Thank you


Do you sometimes feel the need to make your “thank you” last longer, or be remembered tomorrow with the same intensity as today? Or would you sometimes like to offer even more than a “thank you” to someone who stands by you or supported you in, say, a business networking? Do it in the most original, most elegant, fastest and cheapest possible way: by seding a real postcard. Let the mailman bring enhanced joy in an envelope.
Choose a photo or take a photo, add “thank you” and press “send” for a never-to-be-forgotten “thank you”.

Available on iPhone and Android